Born in Ankara in 1976. Married, two children.

Graduated from Boğaziçi University Business Administration Department with a Major in Sales & Marketing Management in 1998. Received Master of Business Administration degree and Certificate in International Business from University of Miami School of Business in 2002. Granted Master of International Business Fellowship Award at the University of Miami.

Worked as an Import-Export Representative at Komeks Import Export Marketing Co. between June 1997-July 1998.

Worked as a Manager of Foreign Sales & Imports at 5K Paper Cardboard & Stationary Products Co. in Istanbul between July 1998 – August 2000.

Worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Management Department at University of Miami between 2000-2002.

Worked as a New Business Development & Sales Support Analyst between May 2002-October 2005 and as a Manager of International Sales & Business Development in Latin America & Caribbean Destination Markets between October 2005-June 2007 at American Express Trs, Inc. in Miami, Florida, USA.

Served as Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey on International Political and Economic Affairs between 2007-2009.

Served as a Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey between 2009-2011.

He was elected as Member of Parliament from the Province of Istanbul, in the general elections held on 12 June 2011, 7 June 2015 and 1 November 2015.

He served as a Member of Foreign Affairs Committee between 2011-2014 and as the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee between 2014-2016 in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He was also the Member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Turkish Delegation between 2011-2015. He assumed Co-Chairmanship of Turkish-Russian Civic Forum in 2014.

He is currently Co-Chairman of the Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee and the Member of the Committee on European Union Harmonization at Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He also serves as a Member of Political Committee at NATO Parliamentary Assembly Turkish Delegation. He has served as Vice Chairman of Foreign Affairs Division at AK Party Headquarters from 2011 to 2016.

Speaks English fluently and has working knowledge in Spanish.